Consider the Cost

Part II - Even to the Point of Death


Part I - Remember the Height

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Part II - Even to the Point of Death

Available now through Amazon

Part III - Where Satan has His Throne

Coming Spring 2017

Part III will be released later this spring


About Consider the Cost

What if American churches began to experience the sort of persecution experienced by the church in China? How would Christians respond? Consider the Cost is a collection of seven short stories told from the points of view of men and women of different ages, races and religious beliefs. Each story is set against a different segment of the political timeline.

...Interesting that you're making the extremists likeable and approachable. Surely this is merely a technique to grab the reader. You aren't seriously taking their side, are you?
I couldn't put it down. Please finish it soon!!
Can totally see this playing out. The political landscape is primed for these events to occur any day.
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